Filbasket Coming Soon

Buddy Encarnado

BASKETBALL fans are looking forward to the opening of Filbasket, the newest Basketball league in the country that seeks to breathe back life into the sport closest to the Filipinos’ heart.  A crack field of 11 teams are set to dispute the inaugural championship inside a month-long bubble at the Splendido Taal Golf and Country Club in Laurel, Batangas.

The new league is headed by former PBA Chairman Manuel “Buddy” Encarnado and former PBA player Jai Reyes.  The two officials laid out their plans at the weekly Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) Online Forum Tuesday morning.

Entered in the inaugural Filbasket tournament are Cocolife-Davao Occidental Tigers, Go For Gold-San Juan Knights, Sta. Lucia-Pasig Realtors, MJAS Zenith, 7A Primus, MTrans Buracai de Laiya-Batangas City, Burlington-EOG Sports, FSD Army-Makati, Muntinlupa Defenders, Almeria International Construction and one more team to be introduced in the coming days.  A 12th entry, Clearport International from Canada, was supposed to participate but travel restrictions prompted a change of plans.

The creation of jobs not just for the players but also for all those involved in Basketball was the main motivation for Filbasket.  It was clarified that the league will be amateur in status and games will be governed by FIBA Rules.

Both Encarnado and Reyes vowed that the league will be there for the long run and there will be games throughout the whole year.  They will maintain the integrity of the league while being inclusive and fair to all participants.

This early, Filbasket looks very promising owing to its strong social media presence wherein its official Facebook Page has already garnered over 30,000 likes since it was opened last July.  Apparently, the league is listening to the pulse of the fans and issuing statements that are pleasing to the majority giving them what they want.

The league is just waiting for quarantine restrictions to ease down and get the go-signal from the concerned local governments.  Filbasket has also opened talks with other leagues such as the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL) and Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup regarding synchronization of their calendars.

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A long-time television sportscaster, magazine writer, photographer and college professor from the Philippines finally gives blogging a try after more than a decade of on-line presence. Read on folks!
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