15th NAASCU Volleyball Sked Released

NAASCU on Facebook     CENTRO ESCOLAR University and New Era University opens the Women’s Volleyball competitions as the 15th National Athletic Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (NAASCU) begins its twin tournaments for Men and Women this Friday (February 5) at the Makati Coliseum. The Lady Scorpions, last year’s runner-up, will take the court in the first match at 10:00 AM against the season host Huntresses.

The Men’s Division will see Philippine Christian University Dolphins test guest team AMA University Titans in the second match at 11:30 AM. A simple program will precede the games that will also include the annual NAASCU Hip Hop Dance Showdown at 9:00 AM.

CEU is the defending champion in the Men’s Division. Also competing in the Men’s Division are last year’s runner-up Rizal Technological University Blue Thunder, NEU and another guest team in the Philippine Merchant Marine School Mariners. The entry of the Titans and Mariners is expected to raise the level of competition several notches.

AMA is a former NAASCU member that went on-leave after winning back-to-back Men’s titles in Seasons 11 and 12. Meanwhile, PMMS has won their share of trophies from other collegiate leagues.

For the first time in a long time, the league will see more teams in the Women’s Division that will begin on Tuesday (February 9). The RTU Lady Thunder won last year’s championship and will defend their title against CEU, NEU, PCU, AMA, PMMS and Saint Clare College of Caloocan.

The teams will play a single round robin with the top four teams advancing to the crossover semifinals followed by a best-of-three championship series. Andres “Butch” S. Montinola III will return for another season as Commissioner.

After opening day, the rest of the elimination round matches will be played at the NEU Gym in Quezon City. The action shifts back to the Makati Coliseum for the semifinals and championship series.

Meanwhile, CEU is aiming to extend their Hip Hop domination to a fourth year. The Street Squad has held the title since Season 12.

Here is the complete schedule of the 15th NAASCU volleyball tournament:

February 5 (Friday) – Makati Coliseum

9:00 AM Opening Ceremonies
10:00 AM New Era vs. RTU (M)
11:30 AM AMA vs. PCU (M)

February 9, 2015 (Tuesday) – New Era University

8:00 AM PMMS vs. AMA (W)
9:30 AM PMMS vs. Centro Escolar (M)
11:00 AM PCU vs. Centro Escolar (W)
12:30 PM PCU vs. RTU (M)
2:00 PM New Era vs. RTU (W)

February 11 (Thursday) – New Era University

8:00 AM PCU vs. Saint Clare (W)
9:30 AM PCU vs. Centro Escolar (M)
11:00 AM AMA vs. Centro Escolar (W)
12:30 PM AMA vs. RTU (M)
2:00 PM PMMS vs. RTU (W)
3:30 PM PMMS vs. New Era (M)

February 12 (Friday) – New Era University

8:00 AM New Era vs. Saint Clare (W)
9:30 AM RTU vs. PCU (W)
11:00 AM Centro Escolar vs. PMMS (W)
12:30 PM AMA vs. PMMS (M)

February 22 (Monday) – New Era University

9:00 AM AMA vs. RTU (W)
10:30 AM Centro Escolar vs. Saint Clare (W)
12:00 PM New Era vs. PCU (W)
1:30 PM New Era v. PCU (M)

February 24 (Wednesday) – New Era University

9:00 AM AMA vs. New Era (W)
10:30 AM Saint Clare vs. RTU (W)
12:00 PM PMMS vs. PCU (W)
1:30 PM New Era vs. Centro Escolar (M)

February 26 (Friday) – New Era University

8:00 AM PMMS vs. Saint Clare (W)
9:30 AM PMMS vs. PCU (M)
11:00 AM PCU vs. AMA (W)
12:30 PM New Era vs. AMA (M)
2:00 PM Centro Escolar vs. RTU (M)
3:30 PM New Era vs. Centro Escolar (W)

February 29 (Monday) – New Era University

8:00 AM AMA vs. Saint Clare (W)
9:30 AM AMA vs. Centro Escolar (M)
11:00 AM RTU vs. Centro Escolar (W)
12:30 PM RTU vs. PMMS (M)
2:00 PM New Era vs. PMMS (W)


SEMIFINALS: March 2 (Wednesday) – New Era University

10:00 AM RTU vs. AMA (W)
11:30 AM Centro Escolar vs. PMMS (W)
1:00 PM PMMS vs. Centro Escolar (M)
2:30 PM RTU vs. New Era (M)

THE FINALS: March 7 (Monday) – New Era University

10:00 AM AMA vs. Centro Escolar (W, for Third)
11:30 AM PMMS vs. New Era (M, for Third)
1:00 PM RTU vs. PMMS (W, Game One)
2:30 PM RTU vs. Centro Escolar (M, Game One)

THE FINALS: March 9 (Wednesday) – Makati Coliseum

9:00 AM PMMS vs. RTU (W, Game Two)
10:30 AM Centro Escolar vs. RTU (M, Game Two)

THE FINALS: March 11 (Friday) – Makati Coliseum

9:00 AM RTU vs. PMMS (W, Game Three) – if needed
10:30 AM RTU vs. Centro Escolar (M, Game Three) – if needed


Note: Schedule subject to change without prior notice (updated March 4, 2016)


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